Waking up with Chairlift


It turns out Chairlift multi-instrumentalist Patrick Wimberly and I share a taste in football. Besides the New York Giants, the Brooklyn resident roots for the Tennessee Titans, home of future hall-of-famer Marcus Mariota (a University of Oregon graduate; go Fighting Ducks)!

The things you learn when you talk about something other than music. I interviewed Wimberly and his cohort, vocalist Caroline Polacheck yesterday morning as the two were setting up for a busy day at South by Southwest. Read the story, previewing their sold-out show at The Independent Monday, HERE. Until then, here’s some other characteristics you might not know about the duo, and the influences that affected the direction of their new album, “Moth.”

What are you two into besides music?

Wimberly: I really like American football. I root for the Giants and Titans. (Mariota’s) going to create my team. He’s going to save them, right? It’s really bad. I spend so much time making music that I have trouble coming up with other interests. Caroline, do you like anything but music?

Polachek: I’m really good at men’s haircuts.

Wimberly: Oh, she collects little bells, but I think she likes the sounds they make, so it might fall under music. Does that count? Sleeping and cooking. And I’m really into science; physics. It’s something I’ve recently started studying.

Do you have any favorite experiences in the Bay Area?

Wimberly: Last time we were in San Francisco (in 2014) we played at Alcatraz for the (Chinese artist and political dissident) Ai Weiwei art exhibit. I think that makes us the first and only band to play at Alcatraz.

How did you balance the vulnerability of new songs like “Crying in Public” with the aggression of songs like “Ch-Ching” while writing “Moth?” Was it always a goal to incorporate the two extremes?

Polacheck: I guess it’s just how life is. I didn’t feel we needed to do something in particular to reconcile it. You can feel like you’re on top of the world in one moment and be falling apart the next.


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