Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell turning vegetarian in America

Wolf Alice is driving to St. Paul; though not clear on what state that is in. The “North” London rock quartet – my London geography is par on course with singer Ellie Rowsell’s knowledge of the Midwest – is on it’s first American headlining tour, with a San Francisco stop looming tonight at The Independent.

Catch my story on the band and its musical chameleon qualities. Today, you can read the juicy bits that didn’t make the story.


All your press materials make sure to say you’re from “North London.” For those of us who don’t know north from south, can you tell me how that impacts your sound? And what being from north London means?

I don’t know if it does, consciously. But it must seep in there, somehow. It’s hard to escape where you grow up and where live, when it comes to writing music. (North London is) maybe not as trendy as East London or as posh as West. It’s different everywhere you go.

What did each of you do; work, etc.; before this band?

I was working in a denim repair shop. It was part of Nudie Jeans; a Swedish company. It’s not something I’d really wanted to do, but I had a good manager there who let me go off and do tours, two weeks at a time. That’s important when you’re trying to be in a band. (Guitarist) Joff (Oddie) was at university for a while, doing a teaching degree. The other two boys (drummer Joel Amey and bassist Theo Ellis) were in other bands, playing different kinds of music. 

Has touring in the United States been everything you thought it would be? I know it’s been a big dream of yours. Is it still?

Oh yeah. And I’m still exploring it and finding new things every day. There’s so much ground to cover here. I think it will take many, many years to even get remotely bored of it. American crowds are quite different to English crowds. They’re very excitable. The only thing is the food. I’m still getting used to that. I’m slowly becoming a vegetarian over here. There’s a lot of meat over here.

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