Photos: Bob Moses compels dance at the Fox Theater
Photos: Diana Cordero

Photos: Bob Moses compels dance at the Fox Theater

Bob Moses, Tom Howie, Jimmy Vallance

Photos: Diana Cordero

OAKLAND — By the time Bob Moses played their hit track, “Tearing Me Up,” at the Fox Theater Saturday night, fans were already in love with the electronic dance music duo. Having seen them at festivals such as Coachella this year year and Lightening in a Bottle in 2015, fans came to the Never Enough 2016 Tour gig dressed to dance in leopard print pants, short shorts and even shorter skirts.

And dance they did, for the entire nearly two-hour set.

Bob Moses’ reputation preceded them: Vocalist and guitarist Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance get a crowd moving. Saturday, nearly everyone was swaying synchronistically while Howie poured velvety-soft lyrics onto the crowd and Jimmy Vallance handled production duties, his blond locks bopping around while he pumped the beats.

The show was warmly lit, drenching Howie and Vallance in pleasant pinks, blues and whites. The duo they performed with very few interruptions or speeches. Howie’s vocals were clear throughout the night, and a backup drummer added a bit of extra clang to the the energetic set.

Although the duo made what would consider a major no-no—referring to Oakland as “San Francisco” numerous times—prompting some to chant “Oakland! Oakland!”—fans were largely forgiving and receptive as the Brooklyn-based Canadian band played “Like It Or Not,” “Before I Fall” and “Hands to Hold.” Following the aforementioned “Tearing Me Up,” which the duo performed flawlessly, Howie congratulated himself by holding his guitar high in the air to adoring cheers of fans, some of them who sung with him through the entire song.

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