REVIEW: Haim does the rain dance at the Greek in Berkeley


Photos: Joaquin Cabello

BERKELEY — There’s something cleansing about the rain, both literally and figuratively, and for the crowd of more than 8,000 who braved the weather Friday to see Haim, it was, perhaps, an emotional purification. With the rain-soaked Greek Theatre set as the backdrop, the trio of Este, Danielle and Alana Haim played the third stop of its Sister Sister Sister tour. It was one of the biggest venues on the tour, guitarist Danielle Haim said. And despite the dreariness of the evening, the gathering was a celebration of life, love and sisterhood.

The group opened its set with “Falling,” “Don’t Save Me” and “My Song 5,” three familiar tracks off its debut album, Days Are Gone. Right after, the youngest sister, keyboardist-guitarist Alana Haim, gave a brief monologue to inform everyone that “It’s fucking raining; at the end of the night we’re all going to look like shit and that’s OK!” While most in attendance didn’t need any additional words of encouragement, it was enough to assure others to let go of inhibitions they may have had due to getting their clothes thoroughly soaked and just dance.

This is the first official tour promoting the group’s 2017 album, Something to Tell You, and the sisters devoted much of the evening playing tracks off that LP, including “I Want You Back,” “Little of Your Love,” “Ready for You” and “You Never Knew,” the latter of which was co-written by Dev Hynes of Blood Orange.

While the weather held firm for most of Haim’s performance, the night came to a crescendo for “Nothing’s Wrong,” as the rain was finally released just as Danielle Haim launched into a guitar solo worthy of Slash from Guns N’ Roses.

Opener Lizzo set the scene for the sisters, bouncing on stage to her songs “Truth Hurts,” “Good as Hell” and the most appropriate song of the night, “Water Me.”

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