REVIEW: LANY brings energy to its last show of 2021 at Bill Graham Civic

LANY, Paul Jason Klein, Les Priest, Jake Clifford Goss

LANY performs at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Nov. 18, 2021. Steve Carlson/STAFF.

SAN FRANCISCO — L.A. alt-pop trio LANY brought their gg bb xx tour to Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Thursday. Noting their catchy beats and simple yet relatable lyrics, it was easy to see why the group aimed to appeal to everyone from L.A. to New York. Indeed, although the majority of concertgoers were young millennials and Gen-Zers (albeit mostly women), there were many older fans in attendance as well who were just as enthusiastic.

LANY, Paul Jason Klein, Les Priest, Jake Clifford Goss


Paul Jason Klein, Les Priest and Jake Clifford Goss started off with “get away,” the album-opening track of new LP gg bb xx. Klein emerged in a black leather jacket, oversized jersey, black shorts and wearing lots of jewelry and pink nail polish, and somehow made it all go together.

LANY played its songs in quick succession, covering all stages of love and relationships from falling in love (“cowboy in LA” and “dancing in the kitchen”), to heartbreak (“never mind, let’s break up” and “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore”), to post-breakup (“Thru These Tears” and “Malibu Nights”)

Klein had an unbelievable stage presence, bouncing around and appearing to have the time of his life. He gestured his way through songs like “Thick And Thin” and even pretended to do a step back fadeaway before performing “Super Far.” At one point, he played keyboard with his foot raised up on it and did a cartwheel while singing “Hurts.”

One of the more memorable moments of the show was when Klein paused the performance of “13” to reminisce about LANY signing its record deal at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco in 2015. He also said Thursday’s show was the group’s last in 2021 and that the trio “saved the best for last.”

LANY ended the show with an encore of “you!” and fan-favorite “ILYSB.”

Keshi, Casey Luong


Keshi preceded LANY with his lo-fi hip hop sound. The Asian American artist, whose name is Casey Luong, is an RN-turned-singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. His falsetto notes echoed throughout the hall to the bass reverberating in the background. 

Keshi was clearly in his element as he started off his set with his latest single, “SOMEBODY,” followed by “drunk” and “beside you.” His vocals were ethereal and the guitar playing showed much finesse, leaving nothing left to be desired. He concluded his set with “2 soon” as rainbow lights flashed behind him.

TikTok star Salem Ilese opened the show with breakup anthem “Ben & Jerry.” In a stark contrast to keshi’s lo-fi vibes, the Bay-Area-born artist’s set consisted of upbeat tunes and frequent interactions with her bandmates, even playing the drums with one of them.

Although Ilese is a newer artist, she seemed at ease on stage, at times leaning against the mic and gracefully twirling around. She emphasized how it was “so good to be home,” gave her parents in the crowd a shoutout, and at one point got emotional about her journey to the Bill Graham Civic stage.

She also sang her biggest viral hits, “Coke & Mentos” and “Mad at Disney.” 

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