REVIEW: Typhoon leads Oregon storm at The Independent


Photos: Jane Hu

SAN FRANCISCO – Typhoon gave a heartwarming demonstration of what it means to stay true to one’s own independent roots Tuesday at a packed Independent show. The 11-member indie rock band from Salem, Oregon performed an inspiring show, bringing the audience on a journey through its discography and  focussing on the group’s most recent LP, Offerings.

The Indy’s stage was barely able to support the number of members in Typhoon. As seven members came onstage, lead singer Kyle Morton yelled, “We’ve come back to you at last, we’ll be your evening’s typhoon!” Opening with “Common Sentiments,” Typhoon got the heads banging quickly, showcasing its influences outside folk with a post-punk-inspired collaboration.


Typhoon performs at The Independent in San Francisco on Feb. 13, 2017.

“We’ve been on tour for what, five weeks? So I think it’s safe to say we’ve entered the delirium phase,” Morton said with a half-smile peeking from the corner of his mouth before launching into new single “Rorschach.”

Most impressively, the band didn’t rely on backing tracks to support its sound like so many others with a complex sounds and a lot of instrumentation. With multiple microphones, a seemingly endless array of foot pedals and synthesizers, and a competent team of musicians, Typhoon recreated the intricate modulations present on its albums.

Ending its set with a series of slower-paced yet uplifting songs, Typhoon left the crowd with a feeling of closure. Penultimate song, “Young Fathers,” was played as the band left to await the encore. The members returned  to conclude with “Artificial Light.”

Mimicking Birds

Mimicking Birds perform at The Independent in San Francisco on February 13, 2017.

Mimicking Birds, yet another Oregon band, preceded the headliner with an uplifting and instrumentally sophisticated set. The band had several multi-instrumentalists, and most songs involved dual keyboardists and guitar lines with heavy pedal augmentation. Their form set a tone that was earnestly in line with the spirit of DIY indie rock.

Oregon singer-songwriter Matt Dorrien opened the show with some smooth, calming smooth jams.

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