SLIDESHOW: Jai Wolf, Giraffage, Midoca at The Warfield

Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf performs at The Warfield in San Francisco on May 18, 2019. 

SAN FRANCISCO — Jai Wolf brought his anticipated debut album The Cure To Loneliness to The Warfield on Friday and Saturday nights and RIFF caught the second show.

Considering his initial exposure came via a Skrillex remix, the Bangladeshi-born and New-York-based DJ and producer has experienced quite a remarkable evolution. With his early career based in rave-starting bangers, his debut LP establishes him as an emotionally complex songwriter.

Sajeeb Saha offers a more nuanced, multifaceted take on electronic dance music tropes. The Cure To Loneliness certainly packs the exhilarating drops and pulsating sub-bass one would expect from Saha, but his latest material adds a relatable personality to the mix.

Make no mistake, Saha’s more personal side hasn’t taken from his electrifying sonics. His set at The Warfield set the dance floor ablaze with memorable vibes to spare.

Giraffage and Midoca opened the concert.

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