VIDEO: San Francisco Concert Calendar: July 31-Aug. 6

RIFF wants you to get out to more shows! To help you with that, here are our picks for where to go and who to see next week. RIFF’s video concert series features artists of all genres, with a focus on the best hidden gems the local music scene has to offer. If you’re looking for something to do this week, look no further.

Negative Approach, Bloodclot — Thursday — Thee Parkside
The band that pushed the limits of hardcore music in 1982 is back in the Bay Area in 2017. Witness a piece of punk history. Bloodclot is a modern rendition of that classic 80s sound.

Rat Columns, Taiwan Housing Project, Violent Change — Tuesday — The Knockout
All of these bands have a firm post-punk base, but each add a unique twist. Listen to Rat Column’s industrial coldwave production, Taiwan Housing Project’s experimental and crass energy and Violent Change’s electronic and lo-fi 808s.

Unsane — Thursday — The Ritz
This show doesn’t include any opening acts, but Unsane doesn’t need any. This eclectic band combines elements of blues rock, noise and sludge into concise and energy-driven jams. Come to hear an unreleased song or two from their new album coming out September 29, Sterilize.

Profanatica, Dispirit, Black Fucking Cancer — Saturday — Eli’s Mile High Club
Like your black metal gritty, lo-fi and misanthropic? Eli’s Mile High Club, one of the best bars in Oakland, is putting together a show just for you. Check out this lineup, which has members from the band Weakling, a band also born in the Bay Area that is accredited to many as the beginning of the whole American black metal scene.

Marbled Eye, Fried Egg — Thursday — Octopus Literary Salon
Two of the most trending bands in The Bay Area come together to play a show at a bookstore. Come to see the future of the local DIY scene, but stay for the array of drinks and books sold at this unique venue. It’s sure to be a show that anyone will enjoy.

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