VIDEO: Bay Area Concert Calendar: Sept. 4-10

RIFF wants you to get out to more shows! To help you with that, here are our picks for where to go and who to see next week. RIFF’s video concert series features artists of all genres, with a focus on the best hidden gems the local music scene has to offer. If you’re looking for something to do this week, look no further.

Wovenhand, King Dude — Bottom of the Hill — Thursday
Country is one of those genres that people either love or hate, but most of those people probably haven’t heard Wovenhand. His somber and experimental take on the genre destroys all predispositions one may have about country.

Mac DeMarco, Homeshake — Greek Theatre — Friday
Everyone has probably seen Mac DeMarco live at least once at this point, but Mac DeMarco is consistently a good showman who creates unique concert experiences. And if the only hypnagogic pop you know is Mac DeMarco, Homeshake is another great artist within the scene.

Never Young, Club Night — Eli’s Mile High Club — Friday
One of the hottest bands in the Oakland music scene right now, Never Young, is joined by the promising rookie, Club Night. Hear that synthy shoegaze sound that Oakland is known for in a small, cozy venue before these guys get big.

Pandemonium Festival, with The Chameleons, Theatre of Hate, Soft Kill — Oakland Metro Operahouse — Saturday
This festival brings back the best of the early ’80s. The bands who pioneered the peak of post-punk are coming back for a festival all under the same roof. It’s the festival post-punk fans have been waiting for.

MC Lars — DNA Lounge — Sunday
A legend in his very small pond of a community, MC Lars has been pioneering a genre of hip-hop called “nerdcore,” which is simply rapping about nerdy themes, like computers or science fiction. If that sounds funny to you, then see one of the best.

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