Q&A: Alison Brie on her music ‘career,’ Childish Gambino and a ‘Community’ movie

Alison Brie, The Girls

The Girls, featuring Alison Brie. Courtesy.

Actress Alison Brie has been busy. The current season of “Community” has already been filmed and is airing now. She’s got a new film opening in a couple of weeks (The Lego Movie), and she’s bringing her harmonizing trio, The Girls, to SF Sketchfest and Yoshi’s on Feb. 1. I caught up with Alison last week.

I did touch on “Community” and a few other topics, so consider this a teaser of what’s to come.

What should people expect at your SF Sketchfest show? Some fun covers, some jokes… what else?

Alison Brie: I don’t think we’re going to have any real jokes, just humorous banter. At Sketchfest, I think we’ll mostly go back to our cover songs. We’ll do a couple originals, but I think mostly we’ll try to do our tried-and-true fun covers ’cause it’s such a fun crowd. So anything from pop songs that we’ve broken down to classic rock songs. We do Weezer and the White Stripes and Robyn and Bruce Springsteen, and stuff like that. It’s a little bit of everything.

You’re kind of a regular at Sketchfest, appearing here and there. I saw you at Thrilling Adventure Hour a couple of years ago. What is it about the festival that keeps you coming back?

Probably the people involved. I love a lot of the people that go up every year to do it, and it’s just a fun festival. It’s great. I love San Francisco. It’s nice to go to a different city other than Los Angeles and see a new crowd and get to do these fun, silly things.

Have you connected with “Community” co-star Donald Glover (rapper Childish Gambino) as a fellow musician?

Nooo. (laughs) I don’t think so. He’s a professional musician. Donald’s talent is way above and beyond my own. … I love music. I love to sing, and we do this kind of as a hobby because it’s fun for us. Donald has an amazing mind for music and for writing.

Let’s say Annie from “Community” and Trudy from “Mad Men” were to have a cup of coffee together. What would they talk about?

Well, probably how old Trudy was, because she could be Annie’s grandmother. [Note: This is a joke, since “Mad Men” takes place about 60 years prior to “Community.”] I’m not sure what they would talk about. They’re very ambitious women, but they’re very different, so I don’t think they’d have that much in common in terms of what they would talk to each other about.

What’s your dream arc for a “Community” movie?

I would want to see the group go into space, “Gravity”- style.

You don’t already have a “Gravity”-themed episode, do you? That would be pretty funny.

We don’t. We missed the boat on that one.

Last I heard about The Girls, you were thinking of recording some originals for an EP. Has that progressed?

No, I don’t think so. We just started writing. Jones Street Station (a New York bluegrass band that backs The Girls) has written some songs for us, and (band member) Cyrina (Fiallo) has written some songs as well, so we’ve been collaborating with them on music, but we have yet to record any of it. We recorded one song with them as part of their – ‘Oh, shit, I forget what it’s called.’ It’s part of their series where they were releasing a song every week for an entire year. So we’re on one of their tracks, called ‘Little Things,’ which you can find online. But we haven’t started. We are thinking of recording an EP, but we haven’t started recording yet.

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